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General testing of RTE content

This is a text with bold tags and italic text and underlined text in it. You can also combined it all.


Text can also be aligned to the right.

Text can also be aligned to the center.

Text can also be aligned to the left (default).


Bullet lists can be created easily:

  • This is bullet 1
  • This is bullet 2
    • This is bullet 1 on the second level
    • This is bullet 2 on the second level
  • This is bullet 3 on the first level again (with a link to TYPO3.org)

Bulletlists can also be numbered:

  1. Bullet item #1
  2. Bullet item #2 (with bold text inside!)
  3. Bullet item #3 (with a link to TYPO3.org)



You can indent content with the blockquote tags.

This is an example of an indentation to first level

This is indented another level yet.



You can add tables as well:

Column number 1Column number 2
Content hereMore content here


Preformatted content

By the < pre > tag you can add code lines:


This is the first line
This is the second line
This is the third line with a soft

Back to Normal content again


... are easy to insert. This link was to typo3.org.

HTML entities

Less than, <, greater than, >, quotes " or ' can be represented. Also & signs can be stored here.

Element with RTE disabled.

Testing "makelinks" function:

Link to typo3.org website: typo3.org

And a link to a fake email address mail@foo.bar.com which no spammer can make use of.

And a link to an internal page