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The Simpsons Family (Table test, Layout 1)

Name: Age: Role in family: Note:
Homer J. Simpson 36 Mentally absent father Occupation: Worker drone/safety inspector, Sector 7G, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Holds plant record for most years worked at an entry-level position.
Marge Simpson 34 Thread that holds Simpson family together Jobs: Strikebreaking teacher at Springfield Elementary, worker at nuclear power plant, carshop waitress, Springfield police officer, pretzel franchisee
Bart Simpson 10 Makes Homer crazy Abilities: Possesses a huge repertoire of practical jokes and methods of revenge, with antics ranging from vandalism to international fraud. Prank calls to Moe's Tavern are a specialty.
Lisa Simpson 8 Moral center and middle child Past addictions: The Corey Hotline, Trucker's Choice Stay-Awake Tablets.
Maggie Simpson 1 Pacifier-sucking youngest Simpson child. Only true enemy: Gerald, the baby with one-eyebrow.